Bodybuilding Routine: Shaping up with exercise
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Bodybuilding is the art of developing lean muscle mass while shedding excess body fat. It requires a lot of dedication, determination, patience and hard work for bodybuilding enthusiasts to reach their goals. In order to acquire the body of your dreams you need to adhere to a strict exercise regime combined with an adequate diet and rest plan along with proper supplementation. There are several types of bodybuilding routines specifically designed keeping in mind the aims of different bodybuilders. It is important to select a routine that is likely to benefit you the most.

Bodybuilding involves undergoing rigorous training sessions and sweating it out in the gym for long periods of time. It requires enthusiasts to perform various exercises for developing strength, endurance, flexibility and resistance. Any bodybuilding routine comprises of exercises, the number of sets and repetitions that are to be done for each muscle group. It also focuses a great deal on the various workout splits or the different exercises involved in training different muscle groups that are keep changing constantly.

Importance of a trainer:

Before enrolling in any bodybuilding regime, it is essential for you to take expert advice and gather information on various bodybuilding routines from a professional trainer. There are hundreds of routines that can alter your body and help you achieve maximum benefits in a short period of time. Your trainer will be the best person to help you decide with routine is likely to work as per the requirements of your body, your time commitments and body’s capacity.

Ideal bodybuilding routine:

The best routine will be one that helps you reach your targets within the shortest time frame. The key is to gain maximum benefits over the shortest period of time. A good idea is to go in for a routine that is based on superior techniques for optimal gains.

Exercise and Routines:

It is important for enthusiasts to adapt to a specific routine for a period of time in order to attain maximum benefits. Different bodybuilders perform different exercises and apply different techniques in order to tone, shape and develop their bodies. In bodybuilding, equal emphasis is laid on all the parts of the body. Therefore, it is essential for enthusiasts to perform a particular form of exercise and then shift to another during a particular workout session.

The different exercises for training each muscle group are:

Back: dead lift, seated cable row, barbell exercises, lat pull down, weighted pull ups etc.

Chest: flat bench press, dumb bell exercises etc. 

Biceps: standing barbell curls, preacher curls, seated or standing barbell curls.

Triceps: Press down, hips, French press.

Shoulders: lateral raises, shrugs, military press.

When to change a particular routine?

It is recommended that enthusiasts change their routine after every three months. Even if a routine seems to be working exceptionally well, it is important to change it regularly. The key is to lay emphasis on a particular group of muscles and then gradually shift to another group to enhance the overall development of various body parts.  

Recuperation and muscles:

In order to gain muscle mass, it is necessary to rest the tired muscles after a heavy workout. It is while the body is resting that maximum muscle is gained. No routine must be performed beyond five sessions in a week for optimal benefits. Exercising tired muscles leads to injury and prohibits growth. It is during the resting phase that the body rebuilds the damaged muscle tissues leading to remarkable gains.

Importance of nutrition:

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. For any bodybuilding regime to be successful, it is essential to consume lots of high quality proteins to aid the process of recuperation. Unhealthy junk foods must be avoided along with processed and frozen food products.

Before performing any bodybuilding exercises it is essential for you to consult a registered medical practitioner in order to determine if your body is capable of handling the pressure involved in performing these work outs or not. You must also discuss any ailments or diseases you might be suffering from such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma etc before enrolling in any program.