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This new age fat burner is a great supplement for bodybuilders and athletes who are looking to expand muscle mass and develop beautiful, curvaceous bodies. The definitive goal of every body building enthusiast is to develop muscle mass while cutting down on body fat. Hydroxadrine is the ultimate solution for all your body building needs. It gives you the most power packed benefits of weight loss and muscle enhancement with its unique formula and combination strategy.

Its manufacturing brand ANSI has combined the benefits of two leading brands in the world of body building- Hydroxycut and Xenadrine to develop a complete fat-burning package. This Thermogenic formula comprises of Chromium and Garcinia Cambogia that helps keep your blood sugar levels regulated and restrains your appetite. It also contains the benefits of Ginger Root and comprises the best of both products to give you a supplement that can fulfill all your requirements and assist you in reaching your goals faster.

Components of Hydroxadrine: Hydroxadrine
comprises of Ephedrine, Caffeine and aspirin along with several other substances including Ma Huang extract which is the herbal formula of ephedra. This is an ideal combination for initiating weight loss and cutting the extra body fat. It also includes Guarana extract, the herbal form of caffeine as well as Willow Bark Extract, the herbal form of aspirin.

Since Hydroxadrine is a combination of both Hydroxycut and Xenadrine, it contains the best of both products and also makes up for the nutrients that are missing in either of the products.  Its other constituents include:

L-Tyrosine: This is a non-essential amino acid available in most of the foods containing protein. It is known to elevate the mood, relieve stress and aid in concentration. Xenadrine has Tyrosine but it is absent in Hydroxycut.

Chromium Polynicotinate: This is present in Hydroxycut but is absent from Xenadrine. It belongs to the mineral group and assists in the functions of insulin. It is known to enhance the process of fat loss and aid in muscle gain.

Ginger Root: This helps aid digestion and is found in Xenadrine but is not a part of Hydroxycut.

Vitamin B5: This is known as Pantothenic Acid and is present in Xenadrine but not in Hydroxycut. It plays an important role in the function of conversion of food into energy and enhances digestion.

Other ingredients:

Chromium Polynicolate


Total Hydroxadrine Blend

Proprietary Thermo Blend

Bitter orange (synephrine alkoloids)

Commiphora Mukul Extract (guggul sterols)

Theobromine (cocoa alkoloids)

Forskolin Extract

Caffeine Blend

Yerba Mate Extract

Micronized caffeine


Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Proprietary Synergy Blend

Kola Nut

Dosage: It is recommended that you take 1-3 capsules of Hydroxadrine on an empty stomach prior to the morning workout or before breakfast on a daily basis. 1-3 capsules must again be ingested before evening workout sessions or before evening meals. Do not exceed 9 capsules a day. 

Side Effects of Hydroxadrine: Hydroxadrine contains ephedra which can result in a number of side effects such as heart attack, seizures, stroke and even death.

Before consuming any supplements you must take professional advice from a registered medical practitioner as well as fitness expert in order to settle in for the best supplementation program depending upon your body’s specific needs. It is unadvisable for you to follow someone else’s supplementation regime as it may prove fatal. You must also make a note of any diseases or ailments you might be suffering from such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, hypertension, thyroid disorder, difficulty in urinating, glaucoma, migraine or any other psychiatric condition such as depression, stress related disorders etc. before taking the product.

It is unadvisable to consume any supplements without consulting an expert as this may have adverse effects on your body. Body building revolves around the development of lean muscle at the same time shedding excessive fat from the body to help build fine curves. You need to follow a rigorous exercise routine along with a diet and rest plan in order to achieve maximum benefits. Along with this, you must also focus on a good supplementation program and take your diet accordingly. With Hydroxadrine, you must focus on the intake of a low-fat diet.