Stationary Bikes for a great cardio work out
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A stationary bike is also called an exercise bike and is popular exercise equipment used by millions of people the world over. It comes in the shape of a bicycle with a saddle, pedals and handlebars. The only difference between a bicycle and stationary bike is that the former is a mode of transportation, whereas the latter is used for exercises. An ergometer is attached to it in order to measure the level of activity performed by an individual while exercising on the bike. You can also make your own exercise bicycle by placing a regular cycle on bicycle rollers or trainers. It is the perfect device for warming up before rigorous exercise sessions and plays a significant role in increasing blood circulation and the transport of oxygen to various parts of the body.

Types of Stationary Exercise Bike:

The market nowadays is flooded with all sorts of fixed bikes that have emerged as popular exercise devices among health conscious people. There are various types of exercise bikes that have been designed to suit the needs of specific individuals such as indoor cycling bikes, upright bikes, regular bikes etc. These bikes are available in various colors and are great for those looking to stay fit. Most of these bikes revolve around the technique of applying resistance as opposed to gravity by applying pressure on the pedals. Resistance mechanics include fans, magnets and friction techniques. Some of these bikes even allow the users to pedal backwards allowing them to work the agonist muscles. This increases the intensity of the workouts by significant margins and helps enhance the overall performance of the individual.

Mini bikes: These exercise bikes can be used only for exercising and cannot be used in cycling training sessions. They are used solely for exercising and the user can also turn the pedals with his hand for exercising the limbs.

Benefits of Stationary Bikes:

Stationary bikes are used for increasing the fitness levels of the body and training for cycling events.

It is great for cardiovascular workouts and helps increase an individual’s stamina.

These bikes are great for weight reduction and help burn calories faster than various traditional methods of exercise.

The low impact movement applied in operating these bikes does not strain the muscles or joints.

These bikes increase blood circulation and are great for maintaining the health of the heart and lungs.

A number of workouts can be performed for varying periods on a fixed bike. They are great for eliminating the affects of heart disease, hypertension and obesity.

They enhance the overall health of an individual and enable you to maintain a great body.

Selecting a Stationary Bicycle

Stationary bikes are a safe and efficient means of working out regularly. They enable you to perform low intensity cardiovascular exercises and require limited space.  Prior to purchasing a fixed bike you must consider its seating position as well as the method of resistance. You can select from the standard upright bicycles or semi-recumbent bicycles that are comparatively more comfortable. The various resistance mechanisms include magnets, hydraulics, wheels, friction belts, fans etc. Several of these bikes are also equipped with computers and devices that enable you to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, intensity of exercise as well as your progress. They also enable you to track the distance covered, speed and calories burnt during a single workout.

Prior to purchasing a stationary bike, you must consider your needs, interests and exercise objectives in order to avail maximum benefits out of your fitness program. Position of the bike is of utmost importance. Most upright bikes are equipped with a large, well cushioned saddle and are quite comfortable. However, you must remember that fixed bikes can vary from basic to high-tech based on the gadgets and mechanisms available. You must clearly analyze your requirements prior to making the final purchase in order to enhance your overall health benefits.