tretching exercises for Girls: Healthy secrets for everlasting youth
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Stretching is a major component of exercise and is one of the most important aspects of any fitness regime. Stretching exercises lengthen muscles and improve the overall flexibility of the body. These exercises help improve posture and balance and also increase the height of teenagers. There are various types of stretches that can be performed by both males and females. These exercises are great stress busters and can be performed anytime and anywhere. Stretching for girls is a great means of enhancing their overall performance in various other sports and activities such as running, gymnastics, dancing ballet etc. It also raises the quality of day to day life and enables you to perform various tasks effortlessly.

Stretching exercises help increase balance, muscular coordination and improve posture. They help decrease post work out muscle soreness and increase the overall efficiency of the individual in various spheres. These exercises are great for maintaining the body and help increase height. This is because stretching elongates muscle fibers causing them to expand, thereby increasing height and developing the body. Stretching reduces pains, aches and muscular cramping. It helps keep the spine in good health and reduces the body’s susceptibility to injuries. Stronger bones and flexible joints help keep you active at all levels and this is one of the secrets of maintaining good health and beauty.

Benefits of Stretching for Girls:

Regular stretching results in longer, stronger, flexible and suppler spine.

It helps develop a well sculpted stomach and back.

It helps enhance balance, coordination and concentration.

Helps avoid the risk of injury due to awkward movements, swift turns, falling etc.

It reduces stress.

It increases the body’s stamina and endurance.

It strengthens the bones, joints and connective tissue.

It reduces muscular soreness and fatigue.

It reduces premenstrual cramping in girls.

Stretching Exercises for Girls:

There are various stretching exercises that can be performed by girls in order to enhance their posture and overall performance. Stretching exercises lengthen muscles and reduce muscular tightness resulting in the relaxation of the mind and body. A number of these exercises help maintain the health of the spinal cord and reduce problems associated with lower back pain.

Before performing any of these exercises it is essential for you to take proper guidance from a certified trainer in order to determine which exercises would be beneficial keeping in mind the specific requirements of your body. Selecting the wrong exercises can result in an injury or damage the muscles. Once you have made your selection, it is essential for you to ask your trainer to guide you on the right techniques that are applied to each exercise. This will enable you to reach your flexibility goals faster and enhance your performance rapidly. Each stretch must be performed after a demonstration given by your trainer.

Exercise Tips:

Wear the right apparel: You must wear loose fitting clothes while exercising in order to allow maximum range of motion for the muscles to stretch. You can also wear thermal leggings or cycling shorts for maximum benefits.

Avoid overstretching: It is unadvisable for you to stretch beyond a point where you begin to feel pain. Overstretching may result in an injury or muscular damage.

Hold the stretch: While performing a stretch it is essential for you to hold it in the peak position for 30 to 60 seconds before releasing.

Breathe all the time: Never hold your breath during a stretch. You must keep inhaling and exhaling throughout the exercise. This increases the oxygen supply to various body parts of the body and keeps the heart and lungs in good condition.

No bouncing: It is unadvisable for you to bounce or jerk during stretches. This increases the chances of injury.

Stretching for girls is essential as it helps increase the flexibility of the joints and keeps the body relaxed. It is great for maintaining the overall health and fights problems associated with overweight and sedentary lifestyles. However, before performing any stretching exercises, it is essential for you to consult a registered medical practitioner if you have any major concerns or ailments such as chronic back pain, neck pain, stomach cramps etc.