17Day Diet

Weight gain is a major health concern and many people are worried about their overweight. Most of them are ready to control their diet to reduce weight but the greatest drawback of dieting is that it restricts the usage of many foods that people prefer. Hence dieters often discontinue dieting in between the program.

17 day diet is a different one that is based on the concept of calorie shifting which is a process of adjusting the eating habits at regular intervals and thus causing metabolic confusion to the body. Thus it makes the body metabolic system to guess what is happening next and never maintains regularity and this helps the body to burn fat especially those deposited in the abdomen. This diet plan is divided in to four stages and each stage last for 17 days.

Different Stages of 17Day Diet

Accelerate – In this stage the person has to cut down his carbohydrate consumption dramatically which in turn promotes fat burning and boost up the weight loss.

Activate- This stage promotes carbohydrate cycling which aims at resetting the metabolism to induce fat burning. It also reduces the potential for weight loss plateaus.

Achieve- this is also called a rest phase where some of the restricted foods can be reintroduced. This phase helps the individual to learn healthy eating habits and how to select and eat good carbohydrate foods.

Arrive – the last stage is a combination of the first three stages and allows taking a break on the weekends. This helps to maintain the goal weight for a long period with healthy eating during the weekdays and indulging favorite foods in weekends.

During the 17 day diet, processed and sweet foods should be avoided. The foods that can be included in the diet are breast part of chicken, turkey breast, eggs, seafood, yogurt, grapefruit, berries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, green tea etc. In addition to following the diet, the dieter should undertake 17 minutes of exercise for at least six days in a week.  As this diet allows the dieter to have his favorite food during weekends, it prevents the cravings for favorite foods and thus avoids overeating.

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