6 Dimensions of wellness

An expanded idea of health is wellness and it is the absence of disease. Health for any one is vital as it make individuals strong both mentally and physically. True wellness is assessed by the decisions you make as to how you lead your life with meaning and vitality. A healthy body is the outcome of good nutrition, avoiding harmful habits, regular exercise and seeking medical aid when ever necessary. True wellness is the integration of six dimensions that influences each other.

Physical: The best way to maintain a healthy body is the consumption of good nutrition, regular exercise on avoiding all harmful habits. Making a good decision of your health and getting medical assistance when ever necessary is another factor to maintain a healthy body.

Emotional: That ability to know and understand your own feelings, know your limitations and on achieving emotionally stable thereby becoming comfortable with your emotions. You should not become slaves of your emotions, but always try to control the emotions in order to become an individual of wellness. It is in short a belief or faith in self. It also helps to be optimistic.

Spiritual: It is the sense that life has meaning and a purpose. The guiding principles in your life are the ethics, values and morals.  All these factors give meaning and direction to our life.

Intellectual: Intellectual is the state of your mind where it is engaged in lively interaction with your surrounding world.  Continued learning, solving problems and more creativity are the main factors of intellectual.

Environmental: It is a fact that your health is mainly depending up on the health of the planet.  Learning about environment and protecting you from the hazards of environment is essential.

Social: Man is a social being and it is your ability to relate well to others within and outside the family as well. It encourages in contributing to a healthy community on supporting an environment which is very healthy.  It is important to have a better communication with others.

As is clear wellness is that stage of well being directed towards achieving and making your individual potential at the maximum level.  Thus it is a life long process of your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and environmental well being.

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