A Comparative Study Between Natural Supplements And Synthetic Supplements

When you take dietary supplements, you acquire all the nutrients which you need for staying healthy. Dietary supplements can be both natural as well as synthetic. It would be worthwhile to see which of the two supplements is healthier and more beneficial.

Differences between Natural and Synthetic Supplements:

Natural supplements usually contain natural ingredients that are not falsely or chemically enhanced. The sources of these natural ingredients are animal sources and herbal or plant sources. Natural supplements also contain no colours, preservatives, fillers, coatings and artificial flavours. Synthetic supplements contain artificial ingredients manufactured in a laboratory. They copy the natural ingredients in the sense that they possess very similar molecular structure like the natural ingredients.

There are differing opinions among nutritionists and doctors over the issue as to whether natural dietary supplements are more effective and better than the synthetic supplements. Some argue that natural supplements are much safer because your body could easily dispose off any excess and also that they give your body additional nutrients compared to synthetic supplements where you get only the “chemical” which is synthesized. Others believe that synthetic supplements tend to be less effective than the natural supplements as their aritificial ingredients are not well assimilated in the body.

According to recent scientific studies, natural supplements like beta carotene, folic acid and Vitamin E are much superior to synthetic supplements. The natural form of Vitamin E is much better retained as well as biologically more active than the synthetic form of Vitamin E. Beta carotene happens to be the natural Vitamin A and is considered safer than the synthetic form of Vitamin A as excess beta-carotene can be easily flushed away from your body and not build up toxic levels. High doses of the synthetic form of Vitamin A can however be quite toxic. As far as folic acid is concerned, its synthetic form is better than its natural form.

Finally, when purchasing natural supplements or synthetic ones, it is important that you use your jurisdiction. You should also make sure to buy your supplements from a company which is reputable and is known to have been producing effective, high quality and safe products.

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