Abdominal Exercises- Exercises for Strengthening Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal exercises helps to strengthen the upper, oblique and lower abdominal muscles. Strong abdominal muscles are vital to maintain a good posture and good posture in turn helps to keep the spine perfectly aligned and protect the back from injuries.

In order to attain perfectly toned abdominal muscles one has to perform three to five types of abdominal exercises every day and these exercises should be repeated 5 times in a day. Gradually the number of repetitions can be increased to twenty depending on the fitness level of the person.

Posture Maintenance

While doing abdominal exercises it is important to maintain proper posture. In order to maintain proper posture one should lie flat on the floor and hold his head horizontal to the floor and at center to the shoulders. Bring the shoulders down and back and keep the chest in upward direction.

Tighten your abs and align your knees with the third or second toe. Ensure that the knees are not locked and instead there should be a slight bend of the knees. Place the feet at hip width apart and maintain this position while doing the abdominal exercises.

Upper Abdominal Exercises


Lie flat on the floor and keep both the hand behind your head. Then place the feet flat on the floor with your knees bend. Now curl your shoulder up and move forward so as to lift the upper back from the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles as hard as possible while lifting the shoulder.

During this period one can feel contraction of his abdominal muscles and hold this position for 2 to 3 seconds and return to the prior position. Repeat the exercise as much as possible.

Lower Abdominal Exercise

Pelvic Tilt

Lie flat on the floor with hands resting parallel to your body. Keep your feet flat on the floor at shoulder width apart with knees bended. Make sure that your lower back is flat on the floor. Keep your abdominal muscles contracted and lift the lower part of the torso up. Maintain the position for two seconds and this will help you to firm up the lower abdominal muscles.

Obliques Exercise


Sit down on the floor with your legs kept wide apart and straight. Make sure that your back is straight and up. Hold a barbell or a broom firmly behind your head with your both hands. Now slowly twist to the side at your waist level. Ensure that you are not twisting your legs or hips. This will help you to strengthen the abdominal muscles on the sides.

Abdominal exercises helps to burn the body fat and reduces the risks of having health ailments such as cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure etc.

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