Abdominal Workout to Avoid Back Pain

An interesting title isn’t it, makes you feel bewildered for an instance thinking that, how can an ab work out help your back more fit and healthy. The fact of the matter is that a proper ab work out ensures a better health for the back as well.

A hanging belly is a curse for the back health

In an interesting research conducted on obese people with hanging belly fat, it was revealed that there were nearly 50% more chances of back pain and problems than in normal people. Your abdominal muscles, especially the deep-lying ones, help form a solid corset for your back.

People with an inordinately protruding stomach do not usually have stomach pain, but back pain, as their spine is unable to carry the excessive baggage that they have put on in course of time. Doing abs exercises is the key to giving your back a felxibility and ability to carry this excess load. It is also important to understand that abdominal workout helps in improving your posture.

Ab exercise and back pain a close connection

Abdominal exercises are used to strengthen the a region so that the burden of body support is evenly distributed. It is always advised by medical doctors to exercise the ab muscles and associated regions to have a strong back.

A few exercises of the abs to strengthen the back

Reflexing the ab and iliopsoas muscles is helpful for bending as well and supporting the spine from the front region. Since these muscles are useful in controlling the arch of the lumbar spine, and adduct muscles of the hip (move the thigh in toward the body).

Obliques or Rotators (side) muscles are also helpful in maintaining the posture and spine curvature, exercising theses muscles stabilize the upright spine. Therefore a flexing action gives strength to these muscles and helps in making a perfect spine posture.

A word of caution

Inadequately exercised stomach muscles cause a tendency towards back pain. Exercising the back and abs is a fruitful exercise to have a comfortable posture and mobility throughout life.

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