Abs Diet for Women

It is a dream for every woman to stay in shape and look fit all the time. The abs diet for women promises just that, a loss of weight along with an amazingly flat tummy in a matter of six weeks only.

So whether you are yearning for toned feminine abs like those hot bikini models on the magazine cover or lusting for the perfect washboard abs like Jennifer Aniston, then the abs diet for women is the perfect option for you. This diet was devised by the editor of Men’s Magazine, David Zinczenko.

One of the essential elements of the abs diet is the food. Unlike most fad diets, the abs diet is not a deprivation diet. In fact the key to getting well toned abs is to eat fiber and protein rich foods with lesser amounts of fats.

This helps keep the metabolism active and revved up thus ensuring that the food is digested quickly. Fatty foods like high sugar levels along with junk or processed foods need to be avoided.

Instead there are certain superfoods that need to be included in the diet. These include nuts like almonds, beans and other legumes, green leafy vegetables like spinach and oatmeal.

In addition to this low fat dairy foods, turkey, eggs and lean meats are the foods to be included in this diet. Fiber rich whole grains, berries such as raspberries and whey protein and peanut butter are the foods that are the center of this diet.

The combination of these foods which have a good mix of fiber, carbs, proteins and essential fats help in building lean muscle while losing fats. Moreover instead of three heavy meals, the abs diet concentrates on six evenly spaced small meals. This allows a balance of energy as eating regularly helps in reducing fats and building muscles.

One of the best part about the abs weight loss diet is that it concentrates not only on the dietary intake but places equal emphasis on the exercises as well.

A twenty minute exercise regime with an emphasis on strength training and abdominal exercises helps in losing belly fat quickly and tones abdominal muscles.

While the abs diet is known to be effective, experts warn against believing in claims that this diet can get you flat abs in just six weeks. This is because a person’s body shape as well as genetics and activity level play a vital role in this process. So not all women will get the same results even with a stringent diet plan.

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