Acupuncture For Weight Loss

Obesity is a major concern for anybody and obese people try various ways to shed their excess weight. Excessive eating is a major reason for obesity and people eat more when they have increased stress, anxiety, frustration etc.

Acupuncture is one of the ideal methods to reduce weight as it stimulates the release of certain hormones that can control the urge for food, because of which acupuncture coupled with controlled diet and exercise is ideal for weight loss.

How to Undergo Acupuncture Treatment

Identify and visit the best acupuncturist available in your locality and in the first consultation he may enquire about the eating habits of the patient. Provide the accurate eating patterns to the acupuncturist and inform him about the digestive problems if any faced by the patient so that he can choose the perfect pressure points for the patient to lose weight.

By checking the pulse rate the acupuncturist can know the energy level of the patient. Besides this acupuncturist will also check the tongue, stomach’s puffiness etc to know the exact reason for gaining weight and then administrate acupuncture treatment accordingly.

Acupuncture treatment for each person is customized and the important acupuncture points include mouth, stomach, lung, endocrine, spleen, thyroid etc. Pressure points on mouth works greatly for those who smoke, those who are talkative and those who eats without forethought. Pressure points on stomach are for people who eats even if their stomach is full or for those who consumes small pieces of food constantly.

Lung pressure points works for people who got addicted for certain types of foods such as sweets, chocolates etc. People who have water retention get the best result when the endocrine is activated and if sugar imbalance or hormones are the culprit the pressure points on spleen works the best. Thyroid pressure points works well for people having slow metabolism.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncturist insert needles in to the body on the corresponding pressure points and these needles rest there for about thirty to forty-five minutes. The number of sessions of treatment depends greatly on the weight loss goal of the patients and the speed at which they lose weight.

For severe problem the treatment is practiced on every day for the first 5 days and then reduces the interval to alternate days in the second week and from the third week onwards reduces it further to once in three days. For a normal patient who wants to lose five to ten pounds require one treatment in every three days till they reach the goal weight.

Thereafter a treatment in every two weeks is enough. After that the patient and the acupuncturist decide about the termination of the treatment but four treatments in a year during the beginning of each season is ideal to stabilize the energy level that may change during every season.

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