Agility Drills

Agility is something that develops from a combined effort of skill, speed and power. Drills that improve agility help to enhance the coordination and power of the person to perform a task or sports. Agility drills are mostly practiced by sports men as they need powerful, quick, side to side movements. The following are some of the agility drills.

Shuttle Run

This is one of the most effective agility drills that help to train the fast twitch muscles of the leg and enhance the stamina, endurance and speed of the person. Keep two cones at 25 yards apart and run from one point to touch the ground at the other point and return to the starting point. It can also be practiced as side to side runs, forward backward runs or as the forward touch and return runs.

Follow the Leader

This type of training helps to train the muscles and body to respond quickly to the unexpected movements. This can be practiced with two or more person standing at 2 yards apart. The first one has to start running in any direction with constant changing of direction while the others have to follow the leader through his direction by maintaining 2 yard distance.

Ladder Drills

This is a very efficient training method that helps the practitioner to move his feet quickly and in many directions. Make a false ladder on the ground with some flat objects and then the practitioner has to move through the ladder by making fast steps in between the rungs.

The same drill can also practiced with forward and backward running, bunny hopping, and side stepping etc in between the rungs. In and out drill can also be practiced with the ladder and for this keep the feet at shoulder width apart just outside the ladder and step in to the first square of the ladder.

Then place the left foot out on the left side of the second square of the ladder immediately followed by the right foot on the right side of the second square. Then again keep the left foot inside the third square and immediately step inside the right foot also. Repeat this move to complete the ladder

Dot Drill

Dot drill improves the dynamic strength and stability of the leg, knee and ankle and is an ideal agility drill for those who plays racket or filed sports and for those who wants to change direction of motion quickly. For this mark a five like pattern as seen on a dice with five dots and jump from one dot to other with both the feet. Then slowly progress the drill by hopping on one foot and then by developing a specific jump pattern.

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