All about Compound Exercises

Compound exercises focus on building muscle fibers. Muscles fibers stimulate muscle growth. Talking about muscle fibers, you must know what a muscle fiber is. The human body has lots of muscle fibers.

There are two kinds of muscle fibers, namely fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. The number of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers you have is determined genetically.

Compound exercises are different from isolation exercises. While isolation exercises focus only on one single muscle group, compound exercises use a combination of muscle groups. For example, a squat is a compound exercise, since it uses a combination of many muscles. In this exercises, ankles, thighs, and shoulders are moved. So it easily classifies as a compound exercise.

Another common compound exercise is the bench press. In this exercise you are using your shoulders, triceps, a little bit of your biceps, and the chest. Bench press allows you to lift very heavy weights, because the design of the exercise is such.

Compound exercise is not better than isolation exercises and vice versa. They work best if done in combination. Compound exercises are used to lift heavy weights. It is ideal to build a lot of mass, even if the weight-pressure is distributed more than being concentrated.

Since compound exercises use a lot of muscles, a lot of muscle fibers are activated. Activation of many muscle fibers stimulates testosterone production in the body. Testosterone increases the body’s propensity to grow muscles. Only high testosterone levels will help in growing muscles.

Compound exercises are hard to do. But the dividends are enormous. Even if isolation exercises give shape to muscles, they would not give more mass. Only doing compound exercises will not help. Likewise, only doing isolation exercises will not help.

Both kinds of exercises should be done in combination for best results. Compound exercises boost the metabolism. You will be left craving for more food, because your muscles need it. Make sure you do compound exercises only if you are into eating a lot of high protein food.

Compound exercises are control-centric exercises. Like isolation exercises, a lot depends on the fluidity of the movements. Jerky movements will result in injury. You need to learn to control the weight and not the other way round.

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