Basic Body Building Guide

A fit, toned body is every man’s dream. Unfortunately everyone cannot be an Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Daniel Craig, but one can definitely work towards a great body which can make heads turn in envy.Right food and right exercise is mainly responsible for building up your body. Before you start your body building program, it is important to have a diet plan.

For understanding the right kind of diet, consult a dietician or a doctor. As rigorous work outs are required on the course, body requires nutritious food supplements and adequate rest. Here are the basic things that a budding body builder needs to know.

From proteins to fats, carbohydrates to fibers you need to know the exact portion you need to consume. Fish, milk, eggs, nuts, grains and meat are the top body building foods. According to experts, around 50-60 % of calories should come from carbs, around 30 % from proteins and around 10 % from fats. The calories should reach the body through different food intervals on the same day.

You generally see bodybuilders eating eggs in large amount. They need this to enhance the growth of their muscle tissues. Protein rich foods such as eggs, lean meat, pulses and fish are vital for muscle building and repair of muscle tissues.

For each gram of protein intake, you need to have 1.5 grams of carbohydrate during your regular meals. Brown rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables and oatmeal are food items rich in carbohydrates.

Include more vegetables and fruits to the. Junk foods should be totally avoided. Water plays a crucial rule in removing toxins from the body, boosting metabolism and keeping you hydrated. Take enough water before work out, during breaks and after work outs.

Just do not directly start taking up weights, once you begin your sessions. Warm up for a couple of minutes before you start. One important thing you should bear in mind is to avoid holding up breaths.

You need to breathe smoothly during your exercise. Start toning up your larger muscles first rather than the smaller muscles. Your instructor will let you know the repetitions you need to take to tone your muscles, increase its size or strengthen it, based on your body type.

Take breaks between your workouts. Never go for any short cuts in hope of getting a muscular body within a short time. This will only fetch you negative results. Go only according to the instructions.

You can also opt for cardio if you want to run smooth your cardiovascular system. It would be better if you keep a work diary for tracking your exercise regime, diet and supplements. Remember to take adequate rest and get a good night’s sleep during your work out period.

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