Basics of Bodybuilding

Who does not desire a well built body? Bodybuilding exercises are very strenuous and that is the reason you probably keep shirking it. You are already preoccupied with your daily chores.

So another additional activity is something you are better off without. Very understandable indeed!! The point you are missing out here is that a well built body is not about the good looks. A perfect body instills confidence in you and therefore has a supreme value addition proposition.

As a beginner you may not feel very confident about how to go about bodybuilding. It is advisable that you do not go into the gym and try to do all the exercises at once.

You should start with the basic exercises for a week or two to get your body warmed up after which you can do the more strenuous exercises. You can start off with free hand exercises for the first few days.

Bodybuilding Workout -
The first thing you need to do is to make a routine for the week. Preferably take your instructor’s help if you are a beginner. Try to include as many free hand exercises as you can in the first week. Include exercises like skipping and bicycling to warm up your body.

You can then move on to bench press and to finish it off you can do some abdominal exercises. After the first week you can start with core bodybuilding exercises like weight lifting and all.

However ensure that your body is warmed up enough every day before you start lifting weights. You should do exercises like squat and inclined bench for this purpose.

Bodybuilding Tip – The first thing you should remember is body cannot be built in one day. You should not become overzealous about gymming and therefore end up harming your body.

You need to take it slow and in the first year your aim should be to develop a strong muscle foundation. Once you have done that you can always increase the workload for faster results.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is you should not go on a crash diet while you are working out. You may fall seriously ill. Rather complement bodybuilding with a good nutritious meal for better results.

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