Beginners Weight Lifting Program

The very idea of joining a gym to get back into shape is commendable. It is a serious decision that you have taken, so get going to get back into shape. One will realize after few months of serious exercising the change in one’s appearance.  You will start feeling good about yourself and in fact be the envy of family and friends.

Once you start going to the gym it is absolutely important to go slow initially and do light exercise under the guidance of your physical trainer as you are a first timer. For example if you have never ever done a weight lifting program for some time, say a year it is very essential that you start with light weights.

The reason why trainers advise you to start on light exercise is that your muscles have been inactive for quite some time and it would take time for the body to stretch and build muscle. When you first enter a gym your aim should not be necessarily to build muscles but to bring your body to a condition where it can take weight lifting programs which can help in building muscles. Right technique is very essential before you start your muscle building program.

Initially your gym training program should not be more than three times per week. And each training session should not exceed more than an hour. The training should involve one muscle group targeted at each session.  This program should be adhered for at least 2 months before moving on to different and more intense exercise program. This will ensure that the muscles are not injured during the process of exercise.

After the initial period of 8 to 10 weeks the exercise pattern is changed to a high intensity workout for longer sessions.  This will last for another period of 8 to 10 weeks. The light exercise is to get you into frame of mind to exercise regularly so that you can enter into weightlifting session to build your muscles.

The biggest obstacle that one can face when weight training is one’s dedication to continue one’s program. Statistic shows that on an average a person goes to a gym only for three months and drops out, never to return again. First three months are the toughest as you will not see any difference in your physical condition. If a person gets through the first few months then he / she will automatically stick to a fitness regime.

One will realize after few months of serious exercising the change in one’s appearance

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