Bench Press Workout

Bench press is the multipurpose tool that can be used for doing compound workouts for building muscle strength. This exercise works on the chest as well as shoulder muscles. It can be done in different ways to the upper and lower pectorals and working on front deltoids at the same time.Bench presses are also possible to be done with dumbbells and barbells. The movements can be done in different varieties while performing it on the flat bench, inclined, or declined bench.

For doing a bench press workout, we should lie back on the bench with our feet placed on the ground firmly and our back pressed against the bench press padding firmly. We should take a tight grip of the bar bell with our thumbs placed 3 feet apart. We should make sure that our grip is placed in between the two sides of our body.

Once we set the grip, we can press our shoulders back and down into bench. This will help push our pectoral girdle, thus allowing better stimulation. We can lift the barbell from the rack and lock our elbows at a top position. We should lower it near the nipple region of our chest gradually and with control and keep our elbows away and outwards from our body trunk.

As the weight gets low, we should boufnce it from our chest and it’s very significant. We will want to work with a suitable weight, that allows us to finish our set with last two repetitions that are challenging, but not painful, which makes us difficult to complete the workout.

We should slightly toughen our chest and push weight back to the upper position with full control over it and should not lose our grip at any time. If we are beginners, we may find that the weight might fall backward or forward or it seems to rise unevenly because one arm is usually stronger than other arm. We should concentrate on the movements and after 2 weeks, we shall develop our skills in such a way that the movement comes natural to us.

As we progress, we should maximize the repeats by adding more tempos to the movements. We can quickly push up the bar or dumbbells to top positions, and hold for a second and then slowly bring it down to chest level. This type of movement can increase the muscle fibers stimulation.

While working our last sets, we better use a spotter to avoid injuries during the workouts. But it’s recommended, as we can drop the weights on our chest or head. It is better to do more repeats by using lighter weights that is still challenging to our muscles, but can help us complete the movements easily.

We can then get back and pull the final weight at the last set. It is for our safety that we do not load weight more than what we manage to lift by using the help of a spotter. This can prevent us from getting injured during our workout session. Also, we must do some warm ups before starting the workout sessions.

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