Best bodybuilding Food For Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Most people who want to build muscles rely only on bodybuilding food like meat as they think that it is only the best source of protein. Beef cuts, fish and chicken are sure to be good source of fat with minimum carbohydrate and protein.

But it does not mean that those who are vegetarians cannot be bodybuilders. For vegetarian bodybuilders there are available an ample number of food items that are rich in protein. They have to be careful in choosing the right food because, most food items are loaded with carbohydrates.  Always check for the ingredients for carbohydrate levels before taking any food.

There are many vegetarian recipes that are high in protein and at the same time have low carbohydrate levels. Jello: This is sugar free and it can be the best replacement for sweetener. As it is sugar free the level of carbohydrates in this is very less. Jello is available in different flavors and they are not expensive. Jello can be consumed with whipped cream to taste better.

Nuts are the most beneficial for vegetarians, especially peanuts, as they are rich in protein and fats. But it is necessary to consume peanuts in a moderate level, as it contains seven grams of carbohydrates per serving. It is advisable to limit peanuts to one serving.

Peanuts can be taken in different forms like roasted, chili flavored, fried and peanut butter. But for bodybuilders, chili flavored and fried peanuts are not recommended. Sunflower seeds and almonds are also included in vegetarian bodybuilding food.

Vegetable salad is one of the best foods that are recommended for bodybuilders. But it does not provide the necessary energy, so it is recommended to add either olive oil or flaxseed oil to vegetable salad to make it more nutritious. Bodybuilders use salad as base when they intend to have liquid fats. To make salad more tastier, mayonnaise with low carbohydrate content can be added to it.

Flaxseed oil contains omega 3 fatty acid, so one spoon of flaxseed provides 14 grams fat to the body. This seed is recommended for bodybuilders as it supports metabolism and help in better oxygen usage. Olive oil is rich in fats, it provides 15 grams fat. It is used to lower bad cholesterol level and raise good cholesterol levels. Apart from these the bodybuilder can take protein supplements with soybeans ingredient.

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