Bicep stretches

Bicep stretches are important to elongate the biceps. Stretches have to be done before and after a workout. Just mere exercising will provide no muscle growth unless followed by a good stretching regimen. The below section will describe some good stretches that can really stretch your biceps and cause it to grow.Benefits of bicep stretches
Warms-up the biceps
Reduces injury to the biceps, because it loosens tendons and ligaments
If done after a workout, it will elongate the muscle

What are the bicep stretches

Finger-locked arm stretch
To this you need to lock your hands together with your fingers.

Now stretch your hand horizontally. Let your locked hands face inwards. This means your palms should face you.

Keep this position for at least 15 seconds. Try to push your arms horizontally more and more without pushing your body forwards. But don’t over push yourself.

Now you can do a variation of this exercise, by getting your locked hands to face outward, or in other words, palms facing outwards.

Another way would be to lift and place your hands along the sides of your heads, and get your torso to align in a horizontal position. This is slightly tougher, but very effective.

Tug of war stretch
You will see the tug of war stretch being done by sportsmen. This is also a powerful stretching exercise. Here you need to involve another person. This other person will assist you in stretching your arms and biceps.

Stand in front of the other person

Cross your hands. Let your right hand clasp the other person’s right hand, and let your left hand clasp the other person’s left hand.

Now bend your knees a little. Let the other person bend his/her knees as well.
Now start pulling the other person towards your side. Let the other person do the same.

This is the tug of war stretch

You can vary this stretch exercise by doing variations of your clasping type. You can fold your palms, and clasp the folded palms of the other person. You can also clasp the forearm.

The tug of war stretch is excellent to stretch your biceps. A note of caution would be for people with shoulder problems. These people should avoid doing this, as it can harm the shoulder joints.

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