Body Building And The Role Of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the important fat soluble vitamins, which has been considered as vital for optimum muscular health, as well as proper functioning of the skin and body. Vitamin E has been implicated as a beneficial agent in countering the damage caused by free radical generations in case of rigorous exercises.

As illustrated in a research conducted by the researchers at Pennsylvania Research Institute, Vitamin E can have a multifaceted action, thereby preventing any further muscular damage, this prevention is mainly attributed to the antioxidant action of Vitamin E. Although, it has now been made very clear in other research works, that a complete beneficial effect cannot just be attributed to antioxidant mechanism and there can be a host of other activities responsible for the positive effects observed.

Vitamin E and muscle soreness

Vitamin E has been considered outstanding to prevent soreness in muscles; this soreness could be due to unaccustomed exercise or due to muscular over activity. Vitamin E prevents the damage due to over activity. Vitamin E is also useful in assisting in an optimum blood flow to the heart, although, it has also been implicated with the chances of stroke.

Scientific evidence available

In the recent research work conducted at University of Liverpool, UK, the claim that Vitamin E exert a regulatory effect on the actions of contraction-induced oxidants for a considerable time was evaluated. The suggestions of the scientist were that vitamin E supplements are unlikely to reliably reduce the severity of contraction-induced muscle damage but, in contrast, the supplementation of Vitamin E might be useful and capable of modulating redox-regulated adaptive responses to contractions. This is an important observation as this could be an important lead to the usefulness of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E supplementation and availability

Vitamin E is generally available as a single nutrient supplement and there are number of dosage forms in which Vitamin E can be found. Fish oil and meat products are also an important source of Vitamin E.

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