Body Wraps For Weight Loss

For years people used body wraps to beautify their body and to tone their skin and now it has been scientifically proven that body wraps can reduce body fat and helps in weight loss.

Body wraps helps to tone and tighten the skin, to detoxify the body; to removes cellulite, to improve circulation and helps to mobilize the fat deposits. Excellent body warps removes unwanted and excess waste from the body tissues and can even reduce  inches from the body.

The most commonly used body wrap is the seaweed wrap which is made by mixing, seaweed, clay, herbs, minerals, sea salt, aloe vera etc in different combinations depending up on the needs of the person. Besides seaweed wrap, a complex wrap can also be made by combining clay, sea salt, herbs, nutritive oils, essential oil and wetting agents. Nutritive oils helps to prevent the skin from drying. Clay is an ideal absorbent and is a good absorbent is highly essential to detoxifying the body by absorbing more wastes and fluids.

How To Apply Body Wrap

Before applying the warp exfoliate the body with sugar or salt scrub which helps to shed the dead tissues and the top layer of the skin and keeps the skin pores open. One can also apply a pre-wrapped formula which is optional and helps to keep all the skin pores open and make the skin ready for wrap.

Then the warp mixture has to be applied all over the body and wrap it with bandages or wrapping clothes to keep the body warm and to hold the mixture tight on the skin. Or one can dip the wrap clothes in the mixture and wrap it over the body tightly.

It is ideal to drink plenty of water before, during and after the treatment as it helps to improve the detoxification process, flush out the toxins and  dislocated fat and keeps the skin hydrated. After wrapping the body thoroughly, relax in a calm place for about forty five minutes to one hour.

Thereafter take a warm or cool bath to wash off the body wrap and the flushed out toxins. After two days take a warm bath to open up the skin pores again to release the accumulated toxins. For weight loss and also for cellulite reduction one can use body wrap once in every three or five days till the targeted result is obtained and thereafter can apply it in every week or alternate week for maintenance.

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