Carry Out Colon Cleansing Diet To Remove Toxins From Body

Colon is a place which lies harmlessly inside your body and does one of most important functions; it cleans your body of all the toxins that we consume through food. It is a part of the digestive system in which the body filters the toxins and the waste and sends it out of our system as faeces with the help of the bowel movements.

Though the colon filters all the toxins as part of the digestive process it fails to get rid of some which may remain sticking to the wall of the colon. This can result in some discomforts like tummy ache, bloating, obesity and constipation. This situation can be reversed by periodically giving the colon a cleansing diet.

The colon cleansing diet comprises of food that can help the body to remove the toxins left sticking to the wall of the colon. Most of these items are very common and are found in any kitchen. The most effective colon cleansing diet would be raw egg yolk. Egg is very cheap but it is packed with nutrients like minerals, protein and vitamins. Egg yolk can be added to the meal but it is best when had with a fresh green salad. Raw egg can be consumed with milk, vegetable juice or fruit juice.  Most people get put off by raw egg due to its smell, but you will get used to it if you take it in small amounts.

Breakfast is the time when you should pack yourself with very nutritious food like whole grain bread, crackers with cheese and egg. Yeast flakes are one of the essential ingredients which can help cleansing the colon as they are rich in minerals and vitamin B.

Foods which give the most effective cleaning to the colon are vegetables, beans, seeds and fruits which are rich in soluble fiber. Colon identifies water as an important cleansing agent. Water not only hydrates the body but also flushes out the toxins in the body. Oils like fish oil, coconut, cod-liver and olive oil helps in cleaning the colon. Those which are rich in omega -3 are good for the heart.

When you are on a colon cleansing diet you must consciously keep away from coffee, potato chips, pasteurized milk, junk foods for a specific period  and eat small portions of carbs as it helps in keeping the colon clean.

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