Chest Muscle Exercises

A well defined chest makes both men and women attractive. For men having a beautiful & broad chest is very important because it helps them to act ostentatiously; while for women it helps to maintain a chirpy solid breast.

For developing attractive and well built chest muscles, chest exercises are a must. Chest exercise aims to strengthen pectoralis minor and pectoralis major which are the two large muscles of the chest.

Besides providing a good posture these muscles have a major role in various functions such as flexion, adduction, medial rotation etc. Hence chest exercises are important for maintaining an accurate posture as well as flexibility of the body. Here are some of the chest exercises that can be practiced to develop a beautiful chest.

Chest Exercise

Declined Pushup

This exercise is very similar to the normal pushups. To start, keep the feet across a small and flat bench. Place the palms flat on the floor and the distance between the hands can be up to the comfort of the person. Achieve a slanting position and take care to maintain the back straight and flat.

By exerting pressure on the hands push oneself up to get a flat position which is parallel to the floor. Then come down to the prior position. Depending upon the fitness level repeat the exercise and then slowly increase the number of repetitions.

Butterfly or Pec Deck Fly

This is a machine type exercise that can be done by sitting on the machine with the back kept flat on the pad. Hold the handles with the upper arm positioned parallel to the floor and slowly push the handles of the machine by squeezing the chest.

While doing this breathe out and try to hold the contraction of the chest for two seconds. Then slowly release this position by breathing in and return to the starting position where the chest muscles will get stretched fully. Repeat the exercise as per the fitness level.

Dumbbell Flyes

Lie flat on a bench with dumbbells on both the hands and resting on top of the thighs. Keep the hands in such a way that the palms will be facing each other. With the help of thighs raise the dumbbells one by one and hold them at shoulder width in front of the practitioner and the palms facing each other.

This is the starting position. Now slowly press the dumbbells up to the maximum level of comfort. Thenceforth by slightly bending the elbows, lower the arm outwards on both the sides and till the chest is fully stretched.

Ensure that this movement is made with the shoulder and not with the hands. While doing this exercise breathe in and raise the hand to reach the starting position by breathing out. During this move the chest muscles will be squeezed and hold this position for a second and repeat.

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