Cross Country Biking for Fitness

If you want to get fit smelling fresh air, and feeling the fresh and pleasant slap of breeze against your face, then why not head to a country side and do some cycling.

Cycling in the countryside is one of the best forms of relaxation exercises. Here you do not even realize that you have travelled quite a distance, because you were just enjoying yourself with the view around.

Cross-country riding is done by vagrant souls that seek the pleasure of mysterious adventure, and the suspense created by each passing hill, creek, plain, farm, mountain, or muddy road.

You should be really lucky if you live and work in a place that also accommodates a flourishing countryside setting nearby. It is common to see people from the cities backpacking to rural towns and villages to do a bicycling reconnaissance of vibrant meadows.

Why a countryside or cross country fitness program is good.

– You can get the dual benefits of fitness and also the healthy benefits of a good environmental setting

– You can explore new lands, meet new people, and get new experiences…and at the same time get fit!

– It will be a great theme for bonding amongst co-workers, family members, and friends. Imagine a get-together-and-go theme aimed at getting your entire buddy’s together on a wind-in-the-wind bicycling sojourn that promises laughs and gaffes along the way. It can add oodles to the camaraderie and comradeship.

– Now coming to fitness…cross-country bicycling is indeed taxing. Haven’t you noticed all those guys panting pretty when they grapple along winding roads in tour de France? It takes a lot of power and precision to get going along unchartered roads. It is indeed a great way to lose extra calories. Cross-country or countryside bicycling needs you to be mentally fit. In other words, expect the unexpected. Rain, sunshine, thunder, gale, landfall, blocked roads, fallen trees and so on. Get geared for uninvited adventure.

What you need

– Well, you might need a good sports bike, with a sound gear system, that lets you adjust your pedaling grip according to terrain. Or…if you truly believe in your pedaling prowess, then you can take a gearless bike, and trust your legs to get you through.

– You need good sports shoes, a track pant, a bag with jackets, spare shoes, water bottles, something to eat. If you are planning to camp, then carry your camping luggage along.

– You need people to accompany you. Solo rides are fun, but it’s even better if you take some people along.

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