DHEA – A Body Building Supplement

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone produced by the body. It is often called the mother hormone as body uses this hormone to regulate the production of other important steroid hormones including the sex hormone.

By regulating the production of other hormones it plays an immense role in toning up the lean muscle mass, burning of unnecessary fat, improving mood, assisting weight loss, improve depression, increase the body stamina, stimulate bone growth etc.

DHEA is a major precursor of testosterone; DHEA first gets converted in to Androstenediol or Androstenedione which is then converted in to testosterone. DHEA through further conversion produce estrogens and with age the level of DHEA gets declined.

After the age of 30 its level decrease to almost 90% and hence DHEA supplements can be taken to maintain the level of this hormone. Besides age; stress, caffeine, alcohol consumption etc may also reduce the level of DHEA in the body.

Athletes and body builders can use this supplement to increase their lean mass as testosterone developed with the help of this hormone trigger lean muscle mass development. For muscular strength DHEA at the rate of 100 mg per day for about a year is recommended. Earlier only synthetic form of DHEA was available and the natural one remains ineffective as it gets broken down in the digestive system.

But now a natural DHEA precursor complex called Proteusterone has been developed from Mexican yams which can be absorbed properly by the body. This supplement helps to reduce the excess weight by burning fat and provides more energy and sex drive.

People in their middle age can take this supplement while the pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid this. If teenagers who haven’t met their full growth potential users this, they may end up with stunted growth.

The users of this supplement may have certain side effects such as insomnia, headache, acne, emotional changes, body and facial hair growth etc. As DHEA stimulate the production of both testosterone and estrogen, males may develop feminine characters such as enlarged breast, etc while women may develop facial hairs, masculine traits, gruff voice etc.

If DHEA is taken at the recommended dosage under the advice of a medical practitioner it will help to feel and look younger and healthier.

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