Diet for Healthy Liver

The most essential organ of the human body is Liver. As per medical journals, it is revealed that liver performs over 480 functions. The main functions of liver in body entails purification of blood, storage of essential minerals and acts as a temporary blood bank in case of minor injuries.

It is very necessary to emphasize on the consumption of healthy diet to protect liver infections. Diet intended for health of liver is further classified into two categories i.e. in first category there are antioxidant rich foods which provide liver a protective coating against toxic substances present in blood and in second category are the foods which promotes liver to perform blood purification process.

By adopting below given food products, it is possible to protect the liver from inflammatory diseases.

Garlic and onions – It is highly recommended to include garlic in the daily diet plan as the natural properties of garlic comprises of a sulphur based compound which is essentially used by the liver for an effectual removal of toxins from blood.

Green vegetables – Green vegetables like broccoli, cabbages etc comprises natural minerals that are capable of reducing the effect of toxins commonly present in cigarettes and tobacco. Green vegetables also provide liver with glucosinolates that further assists liver in producing the required enzymes for detoxification. Green vegetables should be consumed at least once in a day.

Wake up drink – To keep liver healthy, start your day with fresh lemon juice mixed in a cup of lukewarm water. This drink acts as a washing agent for liver, promotes detoxification of blood, increases bile generation and stimulates as a bowel motion.

Apples – Apples possess the enzyme pectin which binds heavy metals in body. This lessens the burden on liver for detoxification. It is advised by the doctors that an apple should be consumed daily.

Artichoke – The consumption of artichoke once a day augments the production of bile which rinses out the contaminants out of body.

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