Eating Patterns and Weight Gain

Majority of us take meal thrice a day. This is what we have been taught from our childhood. It has been seen that there is a link between how often you eat and the body fat. What happens when we take food thrice a day? Our bodies go without food for too long.

It so happens that we tend to overeat because of this. Therefore it is suggestible that we take food at least five to six times in a day. The quantity of food should be small.

If we take food five or six times in a day, our body will remain energized throughout the day; having food many times in a day is fine but we should eat meals in small quantities. It is important that you eat according to the hunger you are feeling.

When you take a large meal fat cells extract fat from blood and grow bigger. Therefore It’s always important that we should be checking that whether we are hungry or not. Also it is important that you take food which has less fat. Therefore it is important to avoid over eating

To go further on taking two to three meals a day; because of that your body goes on a starvation mode & remains hungry most of the time. That at times results in overeating.

This is a big reason that dieting does not work as a weight reduction measure. It is therefore best that you keep on taking snacks or small meals at least five to six times a day

Also it is advisable that you do not take a large meal at night. Because you will not be able to burn calories during night. The metabolic rate of the body drops down to the lowest during night.

Therefore it is advisable that you do not eat much during the night. Instead you can have a good lunch and be active during the day. Take the smallest meal at night.

Our food habits are important and we need to understand that we take food in small amounts. Eating patterns should be such that it does not give the body an opportunity to store fat.

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