Evaluation Of Exercising During Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual period is an obligatory period of 3-5 days in all post puberty women prior to menopause or cessation of normal menstrual cycles. A very common situation faced by most women indulged in exercising is whether it is safe to exercise during their menstrual period? Will exercising lead to further complications? What kind of exercises would not lead to any specific problems and are completely acceptable during menstrual period? In this article, we will try to deliberate upon these situations from a scientific point of view.

Exercising during menstrual period

First of all it is to be well understood that menstrual cycle is a normal bodily process, and that it does not lead to any major complications. It is a myth that menstrual cycle hampers the work potential or ability to perform, this was further verified by the research conducted at American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The study reportedly suggested that regular exercise may serve as one of the ways to alleviate the pain and discomfort that most women experience just before and during menstruation which is also known as dysmenorrhea.

A few exercises that could be beneficial during menstrual cycle period

Aerobics are one form of exercise that could be highly beneficial during menstrual period. Firstly, because they help to relieve the muscular stiffness and spasm, that is experienced during this period and secondly they also help to secrete some endorphins and prostaglandins, these compounds are highly beneficial in reducing the pain, mainly by causing analgesia, i.e. by increasing the pain bearing threshold. It would be advisable, that the exercising regimen should not be too harsh or prolonged as the nutritional requirement of a female body are different depending on the time of menstrual period they are in, it is also advisable to take appropriate rest during menstrual periods, with intermittent exercise period.

Therefore, it is safe to exercise during menstruation. Although the decision to exercise or not depends on your own body response, be wise and listen to the bodily messages and stick to a routine that best suits you to have a happy menstrual period. Always remember the best for your body is the best you feel while doing.

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