Every Other Day Diet

Every other day diet is also called QOD or EODD and is an exemption from the usual diets as it allows the dieters to have their favorite foods on all alternate days. This works on the principle that if somebody is forced to give up their favorite food then they won’t be able to remain in that diet plan for long and if a healthy eating plan does not last lifetime, then the dieters will regain most of their lost weight as and when they discontinue their dieting.

Hence the weight loss plans should incorporate the favorite foods and in EODD dieters have to diet on one day and then can have enough food on the next day and these days are called as ‘burn days‘ and ‘feed days’ respectively.

The first day of the diet must be a burn day and should limit the calorie intake during this day to a maximum of 1000 calories and should include as much vegetables and fruits as possible during the burn day. It will be ideal if they can limit their non protein calorie intake to 300 to 400 calories and include protein, calcium and magnesium supplements in the menu as it helps to build the muscle mass which in turn helps to burn more calories.

During the next day which is the feed day dieters can consume their favorite foods and care should be taken to have bulk of calories during the lunch. Usually dieters can consume around 1800 calories during this day. This diet helps to limit the average calorie intake in a week and helps the dieters to lose weight easily.

Above all this EODD plan prevents the metabolic rate from slowing down unlike the other diet plans usually do.  Normally most of the diets deprive the calorie intake of the dieters and this regular deprivation influence the metabolism badly. As a result the metabolic rate slows down and burns less fat and calories and thus losing weight becomes a herculean task.  But in every other day diet the dieters can have their favorite foods even if its fattening ones and this would convince the body that the person is not dieting and rather the metabolism step up to burn the fattening foods resulting in the burning of more calories.

In addition to following this diet the dieters are advised to walk for at least 2 miles a day as exercise is essential to build muscle mass, lose weight and to keep the person healthy.

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