Excessive Intake Of Vitamins May Harm Your Body

Vitamins are vital to the human body and their deficiency could lead to a large number of health problems. Vitamin supplements are the most sought after nutrition by any muscle or body builder. The usage of vitamins and vitamin supplementation has become very important for the overall health improvement and improvement of the bodily functionality.

As in all aspects of life, an excess of anything is harmful, similarly an excess intake of Vitamins could also lead to certain health problems as well. In this series of articles we will focus on the different kinds of Vitamins and try to evaluate their harmful effects if they are consumed in excess.

Harmful effects of excessive intake of certain fat soluble Vitamins

Fat soluble vitamins are generally stored in the body and their absorption as well as metabolism is not very fast either, therefore the residence time that these vitamins have in the body is comparatively higher. In general, if the uptake of fat soluble vitamins exceeds the desired or tolerable upper body limits then there can be some serious negative effects observable in the body. A few examples are detailed here:

  • Vitamin K is generally considered to reduce the thickness of the blood, in normal quantities this vitamin is useful for providing optimum blood flow, but if taken in an excess amount it could lead to interference with medications that are require for blood clotting, also in case of an injury or bleeding the time for the body to stop blood flow is increased as well.
  • Another example of the toxicity effect of a fat soluble Vitamin i.e. Vitamin A is that an excessive intake may lead to serious toxicity problems. Apart from toxic effects, the metabolism of Vitamin A in liver leads to severe hepatic injuries and the condition may also extend up to permanent damage to liver vasculature.

    In general, it must be very well understood that excessive of healthy nutrition is also not going to help during body building procedure, and there must be caution observed before sticking to any particular diet.

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