Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is ideal for people of all age to keep their body fit and healthy. But many senior citizens are scared to do workouts which are absolutely wrong and they need exercise to avoid diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritis, pain, depression, diabetes etc. Even patients having any of the above mentioned diseases can do exercises safely.

Types for Exercises for Seniors:

Seniors must practice endurance exercises like walking, swimming, jogging, bike riding etc. These exercises will improve the heart rate, circulatory system and breathing. It also improves the mobility of the person.

Start these exercises and extend the duration of the exercise gradually from five minutes to 30 minutes on all the days or at least five days a week. Practice warm up and cool down stretches just before and after endurance exercises.

Strengthening exercises helps the people to build the muscle tissues and thus prevents the degeneration of muscles with age. It also increases the metabolism and helps to maintain the blood sugar and weight.

Sit straight on a chair with the feet kept flat on the floor and holding weights in the hands straight down on the sides. Raise the hands to shoulder height and hold the position for one second and then lower the hands. It helps to strengthen the shoulder.

Now stand straight by holding the chair for balance and then slowly bent the knee so as to lift the foot behind the person and maintain that position and lower the leg slowly to repeat it with the other leg. This helps to strengthen the muscles of the thigh.

Balance exercises plays a major role in seniors life as there are greater chances for seniors to fall down which will lead to many disabilities. Balancing exercises helps to build the leg muscles.

Some simple balancing exercises like walking by keeping the heel of one leg just in front of the other leg’s toe by touching the toes, stand on one foot and then repeat with the other foot, standing and sitting down with out using the hands etc can helps to develop balance.

Stretching exercises has a lot to do with the person’s flexibility and body limber. Hold a towel with right hand and drape it down on the back. Now using the left hand hold the other end of the towel through the lower back and repeat with other hand. Similarly do stretching exercises with legs too and practice daily before and after having other exercises.

Daily exercises help a senior citizen to remain healthier.

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