Exercise To Promote Physical Fitness In Children

To stay healthy, it is not just about eating what is right for children. It is also important that exercises are made a part of their everyday routine. Sports means a lot of fun and are also healthy but it should not stay limited to jogging, dancing, skiing, swimming, basketball and football and riding a bike. Exercising for at least 60 minutes in a week is essential.

Physical fitness is advised for many reasons like increasing cardiovascular endurance and thus prevents heart problems. Pumping of blood is made effective. High blood pressure, colon cancer, bone fractures and diabetes do not easily arise, if routine exercise is done and physical fitness is maintained.

Regular exercise increases muscle strength and this creates the ability to exercise for even longer hours. As the support to the joints increase because of this, it also prevents injuries. Sit-ups can be preferred to increase the capacity of your lungs and to prevent back injuries and also give strength to abdominal muscles. Upper body muscles can be strengthened by pull-ups. The increase in exercises can increase flexibility in the child.

Complete physical fitness means that the child should be able to move in any normal way without suffering injuries or pain. The speed of the child increases with fitness. To retain flexibility all through one’s life, exercises can help in maintaining fitness forever.

Proper weight maintenance can also be enabled with proper exercising. In their pre-puberty days, over-weight problems are observed in about 12% of the children. This is because with more physical exercising, more calories and fat are burnt and appetite is also brought down. In general, children have the tendency to imitate their parents and therefore, it is important that parents act as role models to their children. Even if you do not exercise with them, exercise with their knowledge.

Unmanaged stress can cause a lot of problems like headaches, stomach-aches and lot of other pains. So, it is important for the child to learn to manage stress and thereby lead a healthy life.  With daily exercising, the child can get better sleep in the night and this will give them a better feeling about themselves. The child will be more willing to learn and also have a healthy physique. So, parents have to stay healthy and explain the need for the same to their children.

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