Fat Burning Foods

Obese People always prefer to reduce their body weight to look attractive but they prefer to do so without reducing their food intake. There are some foods which help to burn out the fat in the body and help to reduce the body weight without starvation.

The underlying principle behind these fat burning foods is that these foods boost the metabolic rate of the body and thus help the body to burn the fat quickly. Some fat burning foods are listed below.


Salmon fish is considered ideal for burning fats as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which can bring down the leptin levels in the body and thus makes the body burn more calories at a faster rate.


Eggs are rich in protein which body finds hard to digest. Hence when they are consumed, body increases the metabolic rate and this leads to burning of more fat. Apart from this, egg contains B12 which can destruct the fat cells.


It contains fish oil and protein which is considered most ideal for burning fat. Many body builders take sardines to stay ripped.


Beans are rich with proteins which are essential for building the muscles. Muscles burn more calories at a faster rate and thus help the people to ward off more fat. Moreover the fibers in the beans inhibit the body from absorbing fat and hence include lima beans, kidney beans, white beans etc. Avoid the fried and baked beans which are not good for burning fat.


Oatmeal if taken provides a ‘full feeling’ in the stomach and limits the insulin level in the blood. Hence body won’t store much fat. Further oatmeal during breakfast can increase the metabolic rate by 10% which also helps to burn fat.

Olive oil

This is the ideal oil that can be used for cooking as it not only helps to burn fat but also keeps the cholesterol level down.

Besides the above listed food items, chicken, turkey and lean beef are also considered ideal to burn out the fat. More over green tea, skim milk, tuna are also ideal for burning fat and hence include such foods in your diet and remain fit.

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