Fat Smash Diet

Fat smash diet is a diet program that helps people to make necessary changes in their lifestyle and thus lead a healthier and longer life without being obese. This is a simple diet that teaches dieters to follows the right foods that promotes weight loss.

It is a simple diet that allows a variety of foods with more emphasis on whole grains, lean meat, fresh produce, poultry, fish, healthy fats etc. It is based on the principle of consuming four to five small meals or large snacks a day and the last meal of the day must be taken at least one and a half hours before sleeping.

It advocates more fresh fruits, vegetables, good carbohydrates, raw baked grilled or steamed foods along with proper exercises. It also insists to avoid fried foods and skipping of meals. Fat smash diet is a 90 day program that promotes weight loss and maintains a healthy weight.

Phase one

which is otherwise called detox phase extends for 9 days and involves vegetarian diet. This phase advocates mainly vegetables and fruits in raw, grilled or steamed form so that it helps the body to absorb more nutrients. It must be take in 4 or 5 small portions per day at 3 hour intervals and with plenty of water. It also recommends a 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise that helps to eliminate impurities and toxins.

Phase two or foundation phase last for 3 weeks and adds certain foods such as sea food, lean meat, extra dairy, whole egg, fat free mayo, cheese, coffee and whole grain cereals to the phase one foods. During this phase physical activity should be increased to 15%. This phase lays down a foundation for healthy eating and exercise habits.

Phase three or construction phase extends for about 4 weeks and it allows more food items like pasta, bread along with plenty of fruits, vegetables and the foods permitted in phase two. The dieter has to take at least 4 meals per day and a non fruit low fat dessert is also permitted. This diet must be accompanied with 25% more physical activity than that in the phase two.

Phase four or temple phase last for the remaining of the 90 days and during which most of foods which are prohibited during the initial stages are reintroduced but in limited quantities and the exercise should be increased to at least one hour for five days a week. This phase helps to maintain the desired body weight and if the desired weight is still not achieved then repeat the phase one.

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