Fitness that Keeps You Motivated

One of the main secrets to healthy living is a balanced diet and a fitness program. It has been scientifically proven that regular exercise keeps the body fit and leads to longevity.

Exercise helps to manage several diseases and illnesses. A good exercise regimen is often recommended for conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, and depression.

While all of us understand the benefits of exercise, we seldom stick to a plan. This is because of the inability to sustain and follow through. The best way to incorporate it into your life would be to treat it like a fun activity and not as a chore.

Simple exercise can be performed even while simply sitting or working at your desk. To start with, just getting up and walking around the office for a few minutes, offers the body a break. It reduces the strain of sitting in one position and peps up your energy level. Easy stretches performed while being seated at your desk, can effectively help to exercise your legs and calf muscles. Simple Yoga poses may be performed at your table that does not get people from the nearby cubicles staring at you!

Hand stretches, with the use of weights like a 1-pound dumbbell or water bottle, will help strengthen the forearms and your wrists. Ankle weights can be used to train the legs. Climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or a quick walk instead of a car ride will keep you going during the day.

Dancing is now regarded as a fun and healthy way to workout and staying fit. It is known for its effects in calming the mind as well. It is an enjoyable social activity with health benefits; this is offered by several YMCA centers. It is a fun way to lose weight, build and tone muscles, and train your brain! Belly dancing, folk dances and salsa are the most popular dance forms that offer the privilege to keep you fit.

The challenge is to find a fitness program that is affordable and sustainable. The program should offer you several choices and should focus on strength and endurance training. Working out for a few days in a week, may be all that is required to stay fit and live longer.

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