Fitness Tips at the Workplace

A workplace is regarded as a sedentary monastery of work and worship of work. Work culture places a lot of burden on the urban population to get some calories to go off from them…. but the bad thing is that they keep coming back.

It is common to see athletic college pass-outs getting fat and bulky once they start working. How many middle-aged CEOs, Vice Presidents, or corporate honchos do you notice who do not have a slightest of slightest potbelly?

Well, that is what has happened with the turn of the century. Work has eaten into lifestyles. People have become more fat, and unhealthy.

The biggest problem has always been time to exercise.  It does help when you have a gym at the office, but many people are opposed to the idea of coming to office for a workout at the gym, and a workout at the boardroom!

Just imagine a situation when you have just an hours time during lunch, and trying to get yourself exercise. It certainly isn’t easy to exercise during lunch hours, or you could completely overall your daytime table to reposition your eating times three hours before or after a workout.

So what’s the way to get fit and be in shape in the workplace? Here are some tips.

Walk to office or from your office to home
If you stay close-by to your workplace then how about a jolly good walk to office and back? It’s a good way to exercise and rewind before and after your working chores.

Always use the stairs as much as possible. Keep doing it, and you will easily build your stamina and metabolism little by little.

Don’t eat junk food
A workplace provides a heady invitation to indulge in quick snacks…as more like a small pat-snack for you after a couple of successful working hours. All these pat-snacks can add up into accumulated fat at the end of it all. So watch out your junk food intake. Try to avoid cigarettes. They not only destroy your fitness, but eventually kill you.

Office walking
Once in a while pace up and down your office corridor or your cabins alleyway. Do it for five minutes every hour. It refreshed your brain for another hours of good quality working.

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