Flax Seed- An Essential for Bodybuilding

Many people who want to improve their physique would have tried almost all the bodybuilding products to hasten their dream but would have ended up in frustration.

Most of them give up even after following rigorous exercises and diet. But before completely giving up try flax seeds and this coupled with food and exercise definitely brings positive results.

Flax is an annual crop also known as linseed and it has blue flowers and the seeds obtained from this plant are highly nutritious. Flax seeds are good sources of both soluble and insoluble fibers along with a special fiber called mucilage fiber that helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels and is also a natural laxative.

Above all it contains ligans, zinc, carotene, iron, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, manganese, nickel, chromium, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, chromium, protein, omega 3 fatty acids etc all of which plays a major role in contributing to bodybuilding.


Dietary fibers have an immense role in maintaining the proper functioning of digestive tract and allow the body to absorb other nutrients easily. Fibers in the diet help to avoid chronic constipation and aids in losing weight.

Fatty acids

Flax seeds are ideal sources of omega 3 fatty acids like alpha linolenic acid which enhances the sensitivity of insulin within the body, stimulate steroid production, systemize hormone mediated  immune responses, direct endocrine hormones to targeted cells, regulate autonomic reflexes and of smooth muscles, construction of healthy cell walls and transport oxygen to different cells.

Omega 3 fatty acids enhance the metabolic rate and keep the saturated fats in blood stream mobile. Due to this qualities flax seed help to reduce the soreness of muscles during workouts and also helps the muscles to recover easily.

It also increases the cell membrane’s fluidity and there by improves the nutrients intake and waste removal.

It increases the production of testosterone which is necessary for strength and body training that enhances muscle formation. Testosterone also aids in synthesizing protein from the diet and aids in building large muscle fibers and tissues.


Lignans in flax seeds have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-cancerous properties and is a very good antioxidant that fights with the damage causing free radicals in the body. Flax seeds contain 75 to 800% more lignans than in any other grain and vegetables.


The multivitamins and minerals in flax seeds provide all the essential nutrients that are necessary for bodybuilders. It also improves the stamina to carryout strength training exercises.

Instead of flax seeds, flax seed oil can also be taken as it provides most of the flax seeds benefits in concentrated and convenient form.

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