Foam Roller Exercises

Foam roller exercises helps to massage the body and do the workout simultaneously.  Foam roller exercises and intense weight training exercises that should be done on alternate days and foam roller exercises helps to smoothen the muscles and releases the muscle tension.

Foam roller is a circular foam piece against which the body weight is used to get a wonderful relaxing massage. This massaging improves the blood circulation to the joints and muscles and reduces the tensions in these areas. These exercises can also be done as a warm up and warm down exercises just before and after the workouts.

This exercise also helps to break down the scar tissues and soft tissue adhesion besides stretching the tendons and muscles. Due to certain reasons like disuse, injuries etc the soft connective tissue that lies beneath the skin and that wraps the nerves, muscles, blood vessels and bones together and the muscles underlying the soft tissue gets stuck and this adhesion restricts the movements and cause soreness and pain. Exercises on foam rollers help to break these adhesions and improves flexibility.


In order to workout the hamstring and glutes, sit on the foam roller with meaty part of the buttock. Begin the exercise by rolling back and forth and to the sides to break the trigger points on the buttock.

Then slowly roll over the foam by keeping it under the thighs up to the knee and then roll down from the buttock to the knee and make stops at the tight spots. One can use either two legs together or one at a time to increase or decrease the pressure.

For relaxing the quads muscles lie on top of the roller with the front of the thighs resting on the roller. Touch the floor with the hands to balance and roll from the hip down to the knee.

Keep the foam roller below the calves and keep the palms flat on behind for support. Now slowly roll down from the knee towards the ankle and stop at the sore spots. While rolling keep the feet turned out and in so as to expose the entire muscle group to the roller.

Position the roller underneath the shoulder blades and support the head by holding both the hands behind the head. Keep the feet flat on the floor and knees bent and then using the feet roll back towards the head and then roll down to the mid back. This will massage and relax the upper back muscles.Like this one can massage the entire body and relax all the muscles easily and efficiently.

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