Foot Exercises

Most of us do not give proper care to protect the foot from the injuries caused by wearing of ill fit, high heel shoes. Any problem to foot may lead to muscle strain, cramps, pain, back ache etc and it may also affect the internal organs and general health because of the pressure points in the feet. Hence it is necessary to practice foot exercises to keep the foot healthy.

Exercises for Foot

Start the foot exercise in a seated position and slowly progress to a standing position over a period of time. Here are some simple foot exercises that help to ease the stress on the foot and provide strong, supportive and supple foot.

Towel stretch is a foot exercise that should be done at early morning and it helps to relieve plantar fasciitis. For this grab a towel around the ball of the foot and start pulling the towel towards the body while keeping the knee straight. Maintain this position as far as possible and release. Repeat it for 4 to 5 times on each foot.

Marble lift is an exercise that helps to build the arch of the foot. Instead of the marbles a pen or pencil can also be used. Keep some marbles on the floor and try to pick one at a time with the toes and drop them in a nearby glass bowl. Repeating this exercise for 8 to 10 times with both the feet helps to treat the flat feet.

Walking on the toes is another exercise that aids in strengthening the foot and while doing this exercise one should not wear any footwear. It is ideal to avoid even the socks and start walking using the tip of the toes for about 20 minutes and should practice around 8 to 10 such sets at a time. This exercise is ideal for those who daily walks a lot or stands for long time and this should be done twice a day.

Ankle circles can be done by lifting one foot off the floor with the knee kept straight and then make small circles in the air with the big toe. Make at least 10 circles and then repeat it with the other feet.

Similarly toe points, sand walking, heel toe rocking, sole massage etc are all idea foot exercises that help to strengthen the foot.

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