Four Best Diet Pills OTC (Over The Counter)

If you are looking out for the best diet pills OTC, you may find it a quite daunting task, as the options are many. There are so many varieties of diet pills available in the market that it is very easy for anyone to get confused. You are advised to review both the pros and cons of over-the-counter pills before buying.

Following is a brief list of some of the best known pills that you can rely on.


Phenterpril is one of the most highly rated over-the-counter diet pills. The best thing about it is that there are no known harmful side effects. The brand even gives 100% guarantee that the pills will help your body to burn fat and control appetite, which will eventually help you achieve your weight loss goal faster. The price however varies from one place to another, but usually ranges between $60 and $160.

7DFBX (7 Day Fat Burner Extreme)

7DFBX is also one of the best diet pills OTC. The brand guarantees that it can help you lose fourteen pounds within the first seven days of its use. Though it seems hard to believe, but its success rate tells a different story. There are thirty-four natural ingredients in 7DFBX, which does not only raise metabolism levels but also helps you body to get rid of toxins. A bottle of 7DFBX costs around $40.


Nuphedragen is also a very popular diet pill and has been rated highly as one of the best diet pills OTC. The brand claims that when this pill is accompanied with regular exercise and a proper diet, some impressive results can be seen within just a couple of days. You can realize its success rate with the very fact that the pill has already become very popular among weightlifters and fitness experts. Nuphedragen is however a little expensive, as a bottle of it costs nearly $100.


There are ten different types of ingredients in Lipofuse that has been reported to be very effective in burning fat. This brand also claims that the pills help you boost your metabolism level. It also costs around $100 per bottle.

It is true that the above mentioned brands are some of the best diet pills OTC, but you are advised to talk to your doctor first before you start taking these pills.

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