Great Cardio And Low Joint Stress – Benefits Of Swimming Workouts

One exercise that has gained a universal approval from all medical professionals is swimming. It exercises all the muscles without putting stress on any joints and helps in burning calories. Swimming keeps the joint mobile without any undue stress and results in a greater workout as one has to move by pushing through the water.

You can shed 40 calorie with continuous swimming for ½ hour.  Add swimming to your exercise regime which will help you to stretch all the muscles and provide additional work out. Joining a pool exercise class which incorporates weight training in water will help you to shed some calories. Most public pools and local gyms offer aqua exercises in the pool.

Pool exercises and regular swimming firm up and tones the entire body. Unlike most cardio vascular exercise and weight training, swimming is soft on your joints and muscles. Most athletes incorporate swimming in their cross country fitness regime as there is less chance of injury and provide a total exercise package. Swimming increases the blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and elevated blood pressure.

Adding swimming to your fitness regime can help you to strengthen the muscles without causing undue pressure on the joints and the tendons. It is advised to use different swimming strokes to strengthen different muscles. Breast stroke is the favorite among those who want a complete work out as it exercises the arms, abs, glute, legs and the thigh muscles. Butterfly and back stroke work the chest and the arms. The heart muscles are exercised to give you better stamina and strength.

Swimming is the best cardio work out as the heart does not over work like it do in most cardio work outs. The heart slows by almost 10 beats per minute when suspended in water. While swimming the heart rate could be less by 30 beats per minute than the maximum heart rate. The body weighs less by 1/10 of the weight on land which lowers the pull of gravity on the body which results in lowered heart rate. This reduces the stress on the heart during swimming work outs.

Swimming relieves stress and improves the immunity of a person. The rhythm in the water relaxes your senses and tones your body.

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