Gum Chewing And Jaw Muscle Health

Apart from all other muscles in our body, a very important group of muscles that needs to remain and strong and functional throughout the life span are jaw muscles. Although, it appears that Jaw muscle do not have much to affect the whole body health, but this may not actually be true. Jaw muscles, are central to the whole aspect of our food consumption and hence, a little care to these muscles would not be a bad idea either.

On a survey of the available information on the internet, a very interesting information that came across is that chewing gums are considered an interesting way of exercising the jaw muscles. In the present article, we would attempt to have a closer look on the pros and cons of chewing gum for a stronger jaw muscle.

What does chewing gum does to Jaw Muscles?

Gum chewing could be beneficial in burning the facial fat, although only to a certain extent and in small amount. Chewing gums do provide with an important exercise to the jaw muscles, strengthening them, but that also to a certain extent only. Chewing gums can be useful in maxillo-facial joint strengthening as well.

Misconceptions about gum chewing

It is also a common belief that chewing gum leads to fatigue and subsequent pain in the jaws. An exploration into the studies conducted in this direction clearly showed no correlation of chewing gums with the fatigue of muscles. Although, it is understandable that too much and too far repetition of an activity leads to a fatigue, no matter whichever part of the body is concerned and a rest is advisable, even if the concerned exercise is gum chewing.

The disadvantage warranted by too much gum chewing is depletion in the teeth quality due to excessive saliva generation as well as the sweeteners and other ingredients of chewing gum and damage to temporomandibular joint. Care is advised before choosing any particular kind of chewing gum for use.

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