Hallelujah Diet: Weight Loss With Low Cal Vegan Diet

You might not know the ideal diet that God created for humans, but Rev. George M. Malkmus claims to have unraveled the divine diet plan. Based on personal experience, Rev. Malkmus has found that the human body has been created to survive on low calorie vegan diet, which he has named Hallelujah diet. This is the natural as well as the original diet of humans. The creator of Hallelujah diet claims that this is the best diet plan for promoting weight loss.

Hallelujah diet plan

Nearly 85 percent of the Hallelujah diet is comprised of raw foods. Since cooking tends to destruct the nutrients present in the natural foods, not more than 15 percent of your regular diet should contain cooked food. Dieters following the Hallelujah diet are allowed to have cooked meals only at dinner.

15 percent of the daily food intake should comprise of fresh fruits. Dieters are encouraged to consume raw vegetables, vegetable juices, sprouted beans, seeds, nuts, nut butter, soaked raw oat and avocado. Olive and flaxseed oil can be included in the diet.

Cooked foods that could be included in the Hallelujah diet include whole grain breads, brown rice, pasta, soy cheese, mayonnaise, organic butter, rice milk, herbal tea, cooked beans, baked or steamed potato, squash and steamed or stir fried vegetables. Hallelujah diet creators even permit intake of raw honey, maple syrup and molasses. A supplement, known as ‘barleymax’, made with barley and alfalfa juice should be taken thrice a day, during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Foods to avoid

Hallelujah diet eliminates refined carbohydrates, dairy products, meat, alcohol and caffeine from the meals. Absence of seasonings makes this diet plan pretty bland. Dieters are advised to avoid non-organic products. Canned fruits and vegetables, roasted nuts and seeds, hydrogenated oil, salt, pepper and all food products containing artificial sweeteners should not be consumed.

Hallelujah diet and weight loss

By limiting calorie intake, Hallelujah diet could boost weight loss. However, critics of this controversial diet plan fear that this low calorie vegan diet could cause serious nutrient deficiency. Vegan diets are usually low in vitamin B12, riboflavin, vitamin D, iron, iodine, zinc, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Although, Hallelujah diet could be adapted as a short-term weight loss diet, continuing this diet for a prolonged period might not be beneficial for your body.

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