Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is an active ingredient of kitchen. Lemon is popular for its gastronomic and medicinal properties. Lemons are much valuable in coping with deficiency of vitamin C and other minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, carbs and proteins.

Regular consumption of lemon regardless of its forms endows enhanced digestion and also promotes health system. The prescribed limits by the dietician for consumption of lemon juice in case of persons weighing less than 70 kg are juice of ½ lemon diluted into a glass of water should be consumed twice during a day.

Given below are some health advantages that one can avail with daily consumption of lemons.

Abdomen Friendly – The regular intake of lemon juice prevents indigestion, constipation and aids bowels for an effective elimination of body wastes. Usually bodybuilders rely on heavy diets of fiber and proteins for muscle building which slows down the process of digestion. The lemon juice should be consumed for at least two times during a day as it after entering in liver stimulates the bile production which is essential for effective digestion.

Instant Energy – The lemon juice with a pinch of salt instantaneously aids to recover the lost nutrition. One of the major reasons for rapid nutrition loss is intense training sessions which are quite common in bodybuilding. Drinking 1 glass of fresh lemon juice post training sessions is advisable for individuals encountered with fatigue or feeling of tiredness.

Skin Care – Inclusion of lemon juice in daily diet plan augments the flow of blood in body and due to the availability of ample vitamin C, it acts as a skin detoxifier leading to natural glow on skin. Lemon is also widely acknowledged for its use in various home remedies for anti aging, removal of wrinkles, diminution of stretch marks due to muscle growth, blackhead removal etc.

Good for Weight Loss A blend containing 1 tbsp of fresh lemon extract mixed with raw or organic honey in a cup of normal temperature water should be consumed in daily morning before breakfast for a rapid contraction of fat cells. The consumption of this blend endows bodybuilders with ample vitamin C and on the same time aids in loosing weight naturally.

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