Health Tips for Child

Health is an important part for your child overall development. If you want that your child always remains fit and healthy then follows these steps, which will be very useful for your child health and their overall development.

1. Vitamins:

Vitamin A is important for your child healthy immune system, growth and development. B vitamins increase your child energy, improve their brain power and remove stress. It is good for those children, who eat processed foods. Vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant and gives you a healthy skin. Vitamin D is important for child bone development. It is good for those children, who are not getting enough sunshine.

2. Foods & proper nutrition:

Breakfast and dinner are very important for your child; encourage them to eat their breakfast regularly. For lunch, you can give your child sandwiches with cheese, hummus, salad and fresh fruits. Give proper diet to your child likes plenty of grain products, vegetables and fruits. Choose a diet that provides enough calcium & iron to meet their growing body’s requirement.
Proper nutrition prevents your child from many medical problems like overweight, developing weak bones and diabetes. If your child takes proper nutrition then he/she will grow to their full potential.

3. Exercises:

Physical exercise and activity are an important part for your child good health. Try to encourage your child to perform the different kind of active activities like to play a game and involved in the various types of exercises. You can also perform physical and active activities with your child, so that he/she will enjoy their exercise regime properly.

4. Other things: Tell your child to drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for your child development, health, skin, immune and nervous system.

All these things are very useful for your child health. If your child follows these tips regularly then he /she will definitely get the strong and healthy body.

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