Healthy Ageing with Exercise and Diet

While age is an inevitable truth and youth is transient, still by following certain simple principles and health tips, it is always possible to age healthy. In this series of articles, we would continuously focus on certain simplified rules to help you gauge your bodily necessities in growing age.

What you eat decides how you grow?

It can be unequivocally stated that a fast-food or junk food diet is not something helpful in ageing healthy. It is always advisable to avoid fat rich diet, once you try to stay low in fat, you are not only managing your physique but you are also helping your system to remain low in toxic waste and maintain an appropriate metabolic rate.

The more water you drink the healthier you are!

Drink plenty of water and also make sure you take juices and fruits on regular basis. While importance of water has already been discussed in a previous article, taking a lot of juices makes you rich in vital and regularly available energy.

Exercise regularly and on daily basis

Target heart rate maintenance is an important factor for healthy ageing. It is important that you exercise regularly to increase your heart rate. While increasing heart rate dos not mean an undue pressure on the heart but on ideal levels with moderate physical activity for 30 minutes a acceptable heart rate elevation could be achieved.

It is also worth understanding that apart from the physical exercise it is also important to exercise the brain on a regular basis, this brain exercise could be done by solving the crossword or playing a game of chess, even your laptop would be of great help to exercise your brain.

Give your body enough rest

Taking short naps and having a sound night’s sleep is not only important for rejuvenating the body but also for improving the detoxification process of the body. A good rest ensures a proper metabolic balance within the body.

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