Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Most of the weight loss programs and diet suggest eating mini meals in every two to three hours so that the level of glucose remains the same but the metabolic rate increase to burn the fat. A healthy meal should include carbohydrates, fat and protein and this ensure that the person has a feeling of fullness.

Healthy carbohydrate sources include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, oatmeal etc while protein sources are eggs, lean meat, yogurts etc. Body requires fat to absorb vitamin K, A, D and E and healthy sources of fat include seeds, nuts, fish etc.

People may be confused about the healthy snacks that help them to lose their weight and so here are some healthy snack ideas.


Popcorn is rich with fibers and is very low in calories and the best form of popcorn is the air popped ones while the butter and salt saturated ones are not healthy. If somebody wants oil for popcorn then use mono saturated fatty oils such as olive oil or canola oil.

Seeds and Nuts

Nuts are good as they contain mono-saturated fat which is good to clear the arteries and are rich with fiber, vitamin E and magnesium. Similarly seeds also contain many nutrients and if consumed without salt are ideal snacks.

Frozen Fruit Bars

They can quench the quest for sweet and the frozen fruit bar takes time to finish and thus will provide a satisfying feel. More than that it contains lot of vitamins and only a few calories and hence helps to lose weight.

Apple and Peanut Butter

Apples are low in fat, calories, sodium and are rich with minerals, vitamins, fibers and water content. Peanut butter also contains fiber and helps to maintain a healthy colon, fight with bad cholesterol and control the glucose level.

Two teaspoon of peanut butter provides 190 calories and a lot of protein and provides a feeling of fullness for a longer period. But care should be taken to avoid too much eating. If two teaspoon of peanut butter is combined with an apple then it gives 276 calories, 16 gram fat, 25 gram carbohydrates and 8 gram protein.

Fruit Smoothies

Make smoothies with fruits such as raspberry, blueberry, banana, strawberry etc and mix it with protein powder. This is because lean protein helps to burn fat and builds muscles or can add soy protein or egg to the smoothie to get similar benefit. Choose the liquid base of the smoothie as real juice or non fat milk and blend everything together to get a fine smoothie. Smoothies satiate a person and provide enough energy and at the same time help to control the weight.

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