Herbs For Weight Loss

Over weight is a serious problem faced by many people and most of them follow exercises and diet to get rid of the excess weight. Even then many are unable to shed weight. There are many herbs that help people to reduce weight and these herbs act by increasing the metabolic rate, thermogenesis and by improving the digestion to promote weight loss.

Certain other herbs facilitate the loss of weight by removing the excess water from the body and they are called diuretics. These natural weight loss methods have very few side effects and are cheap when compared to other weight loss programs.

Comparatively herbs are safe, but the usage of certain herbs for weight loss is restricted due to their harmful side effects.Herbal laxatives like cascara, diet tea, senna, rhubarb root, buckthorn etc may lead to diarrhea, cramping, and may impair the movement of bowel.  Ephedra, herbal fen-phen are other herbs which in high doses raise blood pressure, over stimulate central nervous system and increase heart rate and hence the chances of having heart diseases are more if they are continuously used.

Herbs that are Safe for Weight Loss

Cayenne which contains an ingredient known as capsaicin stimulates the production of saliva and improves the digestion. It also accelerates the metabolic rate and aids in burning fat. Seaweed which is a major source of trace elements such as iodine and chromium stimulate the thyroid gland and thyroid gland increases the rate of metabolism and fat burning. Guggul helps to lower the cholesterol level in the blood and affect the metabolism to reduce the weight.

Garcinia is highly beneficial for reducing the weight. It contains hydroxycitric acid which helps in suppressing the appetite and reducing the body’s ability to convert carbohydrate in to fats.  Thus it inhibits the deposition of fat tissues. More over the hydroxycitric acid helps to burn fat while exercising.

Coleus forskohlii aids in losing weight by promoting the breakdown of fat deposits. It also prevents the formation of new adipose fat tissues by stimulating the metabolic rate through improved thyroid functioning.

Similarly green tea, St.Johns wort, oat straw, flax seed, psyllium seed, ginger etc can help to reduce weight. Before starting with any herb it is ideal to consult the doctor who can prescribe the best herb for your health condition.

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