How to best absorb calcium

Calcium is one of the very essential nutrients needed by our body. It has many functions in our body like strengthening of muscles and bones and controlling the growth of our body. It is one of the minerals that are found in large quantities in our body. Of the calcium present in the body, more than 95% of it is found in bones and teeth. The rest is found in tissues, nerves and blood.Calcium is an essential nutrient for the body. It not only strengthens bones and teeth but also takes part in growth of the body. Calcium helps in preventing osteoporosis by helping us have healthy bones. It also helps in the process of blood clotting. It also takes part in the contraction of blood vessels and muscles. It is also made accountable for the hormone secretion in the body.

We can provide calcium to the body by way of foods like green leafy vegetables, dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Vegetables like spinach, Kale, mustard greens, turnip and broccoli have high calcium content. Calcium content is also present in some of the fishes.

The calcium we take into the body can be lost by many factors. Medical experts have found out ways by which the calcium we take in can be absorbed fully by the body. These techniques are as given below:

Intake of food rich in lysine, an amino acid which helps in the absorption of calcium into our body

Taking a sunbath without applying sunscreen would be a great option to get more Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very essential for the absorption of calcium into the body.

When planning to increase the amount of calcium intake. Make it a process of having it in separate doses. Small doses at separate times will enrich its absorption faster.

Avoid taking food items that are rich in calcium and iron. When taken thus it reduces the efficiency of both minerals.

Consumption of zinc with calcium results in the less absorption of calcium.

Intake of soft drinks should be reduced. Since they are rich in phosphorous, it will result in losing calcium. If you have high amount of phosphorous in your body, calcium will be secreted out of your body by way of urine.

Having large amount of junk food, alcohol and caffeine is bad for the body since it leads to less absorption of calcium in the body.

Take notice to have less food which is rich in oxalic acid. High rate of oxalic acid will interfere with calcium absorption.

These are some of the ways by which one can make sure his body is having good absorption of calcium nutrient necessary for the growth of the body.

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