How to deal with a sore muscle

Muscles can get fatigued and sore if they are over exercised. They will hurt you, because they might be torn or over stretched. Muscle soreness will result in inflammation of the muscle or in other words swelling. It happens when you suddenly exercise after a long time, or over exercise, or do the wrong exercises and so on.

Do the following to get heal your muscles and reduce the hurt…

– Slowly press your hands around the region of your hurting muscle to determine the extent of the pain. The muscle injury will have an epicenter, but the pain and inflammation will spread far and wide. You need to use your fingers and rub the areas around the pain epicenter with circular motions to improve blood flow.

– Since the hurt muscles will be taut and rigid, you need to give your muscles a little stretch and contraction. This will free up any accumulated lactic acid within the muscles. Don’t stretch to a point if it hurts real bad. The point is to release and relax.

– The best way to deal with inflamed muscles is to apply an ice pack to it. Get some ice cubes from your refrigerator. Wrap it up in a cloth. Gently dab it on the hurting area. Do it for about an hour and half. This help in stopping the blood flow to the affected area or in other words reducing the blood flow to this area, as the blood vessels contract due to the persistent cold energy applied, and let in less blood.

– You need to give the sore muscles ample rest. The rest should be for at least two days. Do not use the sore muscles. Keep it inactive. This will help it to recuperate faster.

– Do the ice pack routine for the first day to reduce swelling by restricting blood flow to the affected area. In the second day, apply some heat over the affected area to increase the blood flow, if you feel swelling has reduced considerably. You can use topical creams that give the so-called heat effect. But nothing can beat the application of raw moderate heat.

– You should not allow your sore muscle to choke to death without oxygen and inactivity! So for this do some kind of physical movement on the second day.

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